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The Atmakaraka and the “Soul” Planet in Relationships 15 Hour Audio/Video Course

So here we should add the characters of Libra, Venus, Vishakha, and Jupiter. Libra is the sign ruled by Venus. Venus is all about love, relations, unity, balance, arts, and luxury. Moon is placed in the Nakshatra of Vishaka and it is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of spirituality, higher knowledge, and philosophy. That is his Dharma. Amatya Karaka is the planet with the 2nd highest degree.

Amatya means Minister in Sanskrit.

Meaning of Venus as Atmakaraka

So, Amatya karaka must show a path to Atmakaraka. In the above table, the planet with a 2nd highest degree is Venus…. Here Venus is placed in the sign of Leo, ruled by Sun. Venus is in the Nakshatra of Purva Phalguni, again it is the nakshatra of Venus herself. Leo is the sign of self-expression, self-promotion, speculative business, ancient knowledge, and love. So the duty of this person should be connected to self-expression. He can start own business in the domain indicated by Atmakaraka.

Atmakaraka & Karakamsa

Calculates Atmakaraka (the Ruler of the Soul, as defined in Vedic Astrology) for the given birth details. The Atmakaraka is like the King of a chart, and the other planets will give their effects based on the strength of the

Venus is in the nakshatra of Venus itself. Going back to making decisions that lead to fulfillment: Venus is actually the planet that helps us make choices, and if Venus is your Atmakaraka there may be lessons around this. Not only does Venus represent our romantic relationships, but our relationships with everyone, so Venus also signifies skills in diplomacy and peacekeeping. A strong Venusian influence in a chart wants to make sure everyone is taken care of.

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Ifthelordofthe4thfromtheKarakamsaisjoinedoraspectedbyChandra moon andSukra venus ,thepersonwillbe blessedwithstoreyedhouses. Here is a thumb-nail summary of lessons to be learned by the planet in your chart with the highest number of degrees or lowest for Rahu :. Usually I watch vedic astrology meaning on YouTube, and this is the first time I got from a writing explanation such a deep experience. The false desires are those we search for in the outside world. Therefore it is right to conclude that the planet that has the highest minutes and seconds is considered the Chara Atmakaraka. The challenge is usually to approach relationships in a more balanced way.

I hope you enjoyed this analysis. For fun, check where Venus is located in your chart — that will be an area of life where you experience a lot of beauty. The body part represented by the house is also supposed to be beautiful. Anyways, fantastic site! Hi Angel, can you send me an email with your birth info? I have venus atmakaraka, it has taught me alot, but has made especially knowledgable towards my brothers moon atmakaraka, my cousins mars atmakaraka, my friend pauls sun atmakaraka, my ex gf juliers rahu atmakaraka, a female friend affanys saturn atmakaraka, my mothers jupiter atmakaraka and my dads mercury atmakaraka.

They need to overcome their ego and become more humble despite their desire to rule. The Sun is a king indeed, but a true king has compassion and nurtures the more vulnerable. Music is also important for them, so learning to play instruments can be something soothing and rejuvenating for their holistic well-being. Lunar souls are the most nurturing, compassionate, intuitive and caring of all. The Moon is the natural mother and represents the divine feminine so having this as a soul planet shows someone who is extremely connected to the unconscious world and the emotional body.

Many of these natives are natural healers, empaths and psychics particularly clairvoyants, claircognizants and clairsentients.

Atmakaraka in Navamsa

Their gentleness and softness attracts many people toward them because their presence is naturally healing and soothing. Because of their empathic giving and loving nature, their lesson is to learn to receive and be taken care of by others as well. They need to learn the difference between true love and fake love — especially since they have such a strong desire for relationships — to unite with the oneness from which we all came from.

It is their purpose to experience unconditional love, not just to give that to others but to also receive it abundantly. Having a stable and comfortable home environment is of absolute importance to these natives as they need to feel safe and grounded. They should also be careful of who they surround themselves with because they absorb the energies of others — and so they need authentic connections with people who are supportive and kind. The Moon is changeable and sensitive and so these natives are too but this is their charm. They need to accept all of their waving emotions and not be too hard on themselves no matter what they are feeling.

Life expands and withdraws like breaths, like the ebb and flow of waves — and through all of our emotions is just life experiencing itself in a way it could not have otherwise. Their ability to master this will lead them to become masters of emotional intelligence. Crystals, glitter, and jewels are also things that attract them and are good for them.

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Lunar souls are very creative and talented; and make amazing dancers, artists, writers, and poets. Particularly if the Moon is conjunct Mercury, they make natural healers, doctors and many of them become famous authors. Everything they do is heart-centered, emotionally moving and they have the ability to touch the hearts of everyone in their life through their presence and sweet speech. Mercurial souls are all about communication writing, speaking, texting, social media and computers and come with various talents of the left-brain. They are analytical, good-humored, versatile and driven by curiosity.

They have active minds and need to learn new things as they love information. Their main desire is intellectual superiority and they love details. They need to learn to purify their thoughts through meditation and gaining pure knowledge. They should stay away from gossiping and learn to control their speech. They need to remain honest at all times as well as to avoid mind games and dominating conversations.

As they learn to listen to others, they have the opportunity to learn the art of real communication. To feel good, they need to engage in daily conversations which are intellectually stimulating and fun. Another thing to remember is that it is okay to change jobs and interests and even friendships and not to feel guilty about that.

They are meant to experience themselves in a more of a childlike manner which is explorative rather than routine or consistent. Freelancing and entrepreneurial positions may suit them better because it would give them the freedom of flexibility; or as an alternative, jobs which require a lot of detail-oriented work to keep them stimulated.

During the times when they feel bored, they should remember that the remedy to boredom is gratitude. While these natives are all about gathering information — they need to understanding that we are always constrained to the limits of the human mind, so it is impossible to know everything. Surrendering and having the humility to realize that, is important. Venus is the planet of pleasure, sensuality, arts, luxury, creativity, comforts, relationships, love, beauty and romance.

It is soothing for them to be surrounded by beauty, arts and comforts. They are masters at knowing how to relax and take time for themselves — and through this they also teach us self-care.

They also know how to have a truly indulgent time — but they need to learn not to overindulge in pleasures. While we should never deny ourselves any pleasures, we must learn not to indulge to the point of becoming slaves to our lower appetites. They should also be careful not to get addicted to certain behaviors so that they keep their energy flowing healthily.

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Getting plenty of sleep is good for them as it is a creative aphrodisiac and soothes them. Venusian souls often face many situations where they would have to re-evaluate their values and morals in relationships or to the finer things in life. Their soul desires relationships, sensual pleasures, luxury and wealth. They need to learn that true intimacy is not sex — it is about vulnerability and emotional depth.

Long term relationships take a lot of effort and work — and things always transform. And yet, each phase of a relationship is beautiful. Rather than changing partners as quickly, they can use their creativity and romanticism to transmute and re-energize any stagnations in a connection.

Atmakaraka in Astrology - Atmakaraka Meaning

They should stay away from idealizing — nothing in life is a perfect painting. It is also helpful for them to learn the power of harnessing sexual energy so that they channel it creatively. This would help them tune into and connect to the abundant flow of energy. Taking care of their relationships and understanding their own relationship to their desires will be a major theme for them and they should stay away from casual sex and cheating.

These natives should also learn to make decisions based on what truly fulfills their heart rather than what satisfies their temporary desires.